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Carlough & Co. is a boutique interior design firm with offices in Glen Ridge, NJ and Alexandria, VA. Our mission is to bring joy to the home with spaces that are comfortable, infused with layers of pattern and texture, unexpected pieces, custom upholstery, bespoke accessories and original artwork.

Co-founders & Sisters:


Deirdre and Suzanne begin their story in New York City where the two met in graduate school at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Deirdre and Suzanne instantly became best friends sharing similar values and a passion for art, design, beauty, fashion and travel.  Their adventures led them from New York to London, Paris and Tokyo (and they would later become sister in laws).  


After a decade working in the cosmetics and fragrance industries in New York City, Deirdre and Suzanne moved to New Jersey and Virginia, respectively.  It was during this time, settling into new homes with their growing families, that the two decided to pivot into the Interior Design industry.  Drawing from their extensive backgrounds in design, merchandising and marketing, Carlough & Co. was born. 


The two principal designers share a mutual adoration of prints, textures and color and strive to create interiors that reflect their clients’ personality and everyday lifestyle for the entire family to enjoy.   Deirdre and Suzanne’s greatest joy lies within the ‘Company’ they keep – their families – and they believe one’s home provides the perfect backdrop for life’s most precious moments. 

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